Daily fishery optimal zones forecast system in Azov-Black sea basin

System provides daily forecast of optimal zones and mass concentration of biological resources for fisheries purposes. Daily forecast based on artificial intelligence technologies. AI trained on long-term monitoring data of fisheries and environmental parameters.


Daily fishery forecast in Azov-Black sea basin. Forecast horizont: 9 days.

About project

Daily forecast fishery conditions system in Azov-Black sea basin:

  • Designed to provide daily forecast of favorable conditions and most optimal zones for fishery cathes
  • Based on the technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning based on long-term data of monitoring of fishing and environmental parameters
  • Public solution to produce effective fishing in the Azov-Black Sea basin by assessment on retrospective data and forecast of environmental parameters

Structure and functions of aquatic ecosystems are highly variable in the spatio-temporal aspect, shows recent scientific studies. Since the source of functional interactions between various components in any the ecosystem is quite complex, and size of data collected is significantly large, there is a need to form methodological approaches both for processing significant data on the environment, and for assessmet of ecosystem responses to external influences, including fishing. Modern development of analytical systems in various fields of scientific knowledge based on the use of artificial intelligence allows to process large amounts of information about the objects under study, significantly reducing the time spent on analysis, and to search for interactions between components of the environment that are not obvious at first glance to assess their contribution to the functioning of the ecosystem itself, to determine with high accuracy the possible reactions of ecosystems to external influences.


This sections provide information about project additional service. All service provided in terms of subscribation licenses.

Environment params

Daily forecast and monitoring of environment optimum for fishery purposes.

Fishing areas

Daily forecast of optimal fishing areas

Long-term forecast

Forecast of long-term stock biomass dynamics of main fishery resources


Study & learn for experts & master in AI, machine learning and daily forecast


Here is some information about project team & stuff.

Krivoguz D.O.

Project lead

Ph.d, lead researcher

Azov-Black sea branch of VNIRO

Piatinskii M.M.


Lead of math modeling & forecast lab

Azov-Black sea branch of VNIRO


Any questions about project, cooperation and other can be sended by team contacts below.


344002, Russia, Rostov-on-Don, Beregovaya 21V st., 311 Lab room